Dive Center Karon Phuket

British, ex-IT with 13 years of teaching/diving in Phuket. Living the dream and still loving it as much as the first day!
Thai/Swedish with 12 years of teaching/diving in Phuket. Probably the most enthusiastic diver you will ever meet!
Introducing "Diver Girl Abbie",the new generation of divers. A complete water-baby who went for her first scuba dive on her 8th birthday!

Team Sharkey, Phuket

Greetings from Iain, Oui, and Abbie. Established in 2002, we are a team of highly enthusiastic dive instructors (plus Abbie) who own and are Sharkey Scuba, a PADI dive center in Karon and Kata, Phuket. Our experience of diving in Phuket is hard to beat with close to 25 years of teaching and guiding here between Iain and Oui alone!

Why Phuket?

We all came to Phuket at different times and for different reasons but individually fell in love with the place. With its mix of traditional Thai culture and modern infrastructure, secluded beaches and state-of-the-art shopping centres, Phuket is a place full of variety. Of course the main attraction is the diving. With fantastic sites around Phuket itself, superb reefs at Phi Phi and further south, plus the world famous Similan islands to the north, the choice is tremendous.

Why Sharkey?

Initially Iain and Oui both worked for various PADI dive centers in Kata and Karon in Phuket which is how we met. Eventually we decided to do our own thing so that we can offer the type of service and quality that we feel people on holiday deserve. We are completely passionate about scuba diving and are probably the only dive company owners in Phuket that teach and dive on an almost daily basis. We love to share our enthusiasm and dive experiences with students and certified scuba divers alike. Between us we have taught diving courses to, and guided thousands of, people from all different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and experience levels.

After Hours in Karon

What better way to share those wonderful dive experiences than over a meal or drink after your dive trip. Being very sociable people we love the "after hours' gatherings with guests from all over the world. A visit to our local Thai restaurant in Karon is a popular night out where our guests get to experience real Thai food at real Thai prices. The look of shock on their faces when the bill arrives isn't due to the expense but because it is so cheap!

Come join us soon and become part of Sharkey's "extended family"!

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray