Sharkey Scuba Phuket Newsletter 2009, no. 1

More Info!

Brian Grierson

The long term plan for our Sharkey web site has always been to make it an interesting information resource centre as well as a commercial advertising site. To this end we are glad to announce that we have added a number of new articles and photo galleries with many more in the pipeline. These include an excellent article from customer Brian Grierson called "Fifty Years Apart" describing his very different diving experiences in the British Navy and then fifty years later in Phuket! We would also like to thank Nigel Pirie, Marco Zeilstra, Gary Howard and Pete Mowatt for their superb contributions too. It's great to have the views of our "extended family" on our web site rather than just those of the Sharkey team.

New Articles

Latest articles include:

Web Updates

As well as adding a number of new articles we have also continued to improve information on dive trips, special offers and other general info including:

Future Additions

Check out our Coming Soon section of this newsletter for planned updates over the coming months.

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