Sharkey Articles and Updates - July 2009

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Brian Grierson

As was originally envisioned years ago with the creation of Sharkey Scuba in Phuket, the articles just keep coming. Thanks to the contributions of our "extended family" for some superb articles, plus Sharkey team members Max and Iain. We have now managed to add a new article every month since October 2008! We are hoping to continue this with future articles on "Children and Diving" and "The History of Diving" currently under way. If there is any particular dive subject that you would like us to write about then please ask, or alternatively, research and submit one yourself. All contributions are gratefully received.

New Articles

Latest articles include:

Web Updates

During March and April the Sharkey team embarked on a major project to change the look and feel of our web site. This exercise was long over due but was accomplished without too many major headaches. The results are clearly visible and we hope you like what you see. One of the major reasons for the change was to overcome display problems in certain web browsers which we believe we have managed to rectify. If, however, any of you are still experiencing display issues then please let us know with details of the problem.


We have now moved the main Navigation menus to the left side from the top. The simple reason for this is that we were running out of space. A number of new sections have been added including Accommodation and Non-Diving sections. These will also be extended with additional sections to be added.

Photo Galleries

As part of the web site overhaul we have also updated the photo galleries. Over particular interest is the Hall of Fame. We have now split this into month and year so you can easily check back on your visit to view your pic. So far we have completed back to beginning of 2007 but will hopefully soon have galleries extending all the way back to 2004!

Future Additions

Check out our Coming Soon section of this newsletter for planned updates over the coming months.

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