Phuket Gossip - July 2009

Latest Gossip!

Great news! With a concerted effort by the Sharkey team we have managed to catch up and keep up to date with our Phuket Gossip column. Don't forget that a new gossip section is added every month! Read on for some of the highlights of the past few months plus additional Phuket news.

Breaking News

Max and Nok - the Hobbit and his Bird!

For those who are regular readers of our Phuket Gossip section you may have seen the very recent announcement that Mr Maximilian Hand a.k.a. "The Hobbit" is going to "tie the knot" with girlfriend Nok, his lovely Thai "bird". (No, we are not being rude, the translation of Nok into English is actually"bird"). The Sharkey team are thrilled and can't wait for the big event to happen although a date has yet to be decided. With less than 3 months until the birth of their first born this news is like the icing on the (wedding) cake. Ok, enough of the puns, we really do wish both of them all of the best and are looking forward to a new member of the Sharkey team very shortly. The question is will this be "another new boss"? The answer: "Of course!".

Office Modifications

A re-arrangement of the office furniture together with new coloured walls has hopefully added to the "warmth" extended to our guests. After much "umming and aahing" we decided to go for an old Italian style decor with yellow walls to compliment the brown/black furniture. To further improve our guests' comfort we will also be adding a leather corner sofa and (if Iain gets his way) possibly even a new LCD TV. Pictures of the new office look and feel will be posted shortly on our Karon Dive Center Facilities page.

Songkran Festival (April)

Songran festival in Phuket, Thailand

Songkran festival is the celebration of the ancient Thai New Year. Taking place on the evening of 12th and day of 13th April this festival is traditionally about cleansing yourself of all the bad things from the year past . Traditionally this is carried out by pouring water into the palms of your hands to wash away bad actions and thoughts with the flow of water.

Nowadays it is more of a mass water fight than a gentle cleansing process. Every year the water guns seem to get bigger and more powerful and even the kids join in (see photo)! The water also seems to get colder as the norm nowadays is to mix ice in the water barrel. The shocked look on passers by as that freezing cold water trickles down their backs is priceless! Make a note in your diary and come join us next year for the next best fun, involving water, after diving!

A Duck to Water! (April)

Abbie, Mamma and Pappa

Having introduced Abbie to the water at a very young age she has naturally grown a love for all things wet. This was re-confirmed when the whole family had the pleasure of going on our favourite local Phuket diving trip, the Phi Phi overnighter. Accompanied by our extended family members of Jon, Ben and Steve, a fun time was had by all. Abbie quickly gained her sea legs and managed to charm both customers and staff alike whilst on board.

The occasional dip in the water was also included as can be seen by the picture on the right. Having missed Mamma and Pappa whilst on their one hour dive, Abbie decided to join them in the water on surfacing. Just how we are going to keep her from diving for another six years remains to be seen! Full trip report here.

Monday Morning! (June)


It was another typical Monday morning in the Sharkey office. With a non-diving day ahead Oui and Iain were both chained to desks, the focus of the day being on web site updates. Work was progressing well when both noticed that there was an eerie silence, particularly unusual as daughter Abbie was known to be around somewhere.

Close by a shuffling noise was heard, appearing to be emanating from the equipment area. The sound grew louder and louder and both were perplexed by its source when all of a sudden a familiar figure wandered into view. There was Abbie dressed in scuba gear ready for a dive! All by herself she had managed to don mask, BCD and fins and was confidently strolling around in her new gear. All in all quite amazing considering she can't even dress herself in her normal outfits. Just how are we going to keep her from scuba diving until she is eight? Answers on a postcard please!

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