Sharkey Scuba Phuket Newsletter - July 2009

Summer Greetings!

Greetings once again from the Sharkey team here in sunny Phuket. We hope all those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a good summer and to those in the southern hemisphere suffering from the winter blues (and maybe even the cricket blues)- come to Phuket now! Despite the incorrect "rainy season" tag given to us for this time of year we are glad to say that many people have ignored the false information and come to see us. Hot sunshine, blue skies and great visibility have been here to welcome them - plus the usual Sharkey smiles!

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Hobbits and Sunsets

Sunset at Karon beach, Phuket

The Sharkey team are all well. Max's ever-expanding girlfriend Nok is now less than 3 months away from giving birth to a mini-hobbit. The doctor has his microscope ready for the birth plus a razor on hand to shave those hairy hobbit feet of the newborn baby. Undoubtedly when it is born Abbie will have great fun trying to stuff a bottle in its mouth whilst shouting "Yeuch, dirty. Baby go poopee"!

Iain, Oui and Abbie have both been enjoying the good weather with regular trips to the beach in between the diving days. Beautiful sunsets have been common occurrences down at the almost deserted Karon beach. An assortment of snacks, a cool box with drinks, watching Abbie trashing sand castles - what a lovely way to spend the dwindling day light hours.

European Vacation

Well, it is now confirmed. Iain, Oui and Abbie are all off on a European vacation. Unfortunately Iain's mother has been unwell so we have decided to take an extended vacation to spend some time with our families. Hopefully we will also be able to catch up with many of you whilst in Europe, either in Stockholm, London or Tonbridge. Dates for our vacation are below:

Summer fun in Phuket: Iain, Oui, Abbie

As can be seen it is a pretty busy schedule but if any of you would like to meet up with us then please e-mail us and hopefully we can arrange something. We are planning on holding an open day at Iain's parents house in Tonbridge, Kent as in previous years on Saturday 26th September. The format will be the same as last year with everybody welcome from 2 p.m. until late! Drinks will be provided with a trip to the local Fish and Chip shop at some point in the evening! If you would like to attend then please e-mail Iain to let him know. A night out in London will also be arranged closer to the time.

Meantime, for those of you planning a trip to Phuket whilst we are away then do not despair as Max will be holding the fort and ready with a welcoming smile. Also, Iain will be continuing the organisational side of things from the UK and Sweden so please continue to e-mail as normal. Please note, however, that our e-mail service will be closed whilst we are holidaying in Venice from 17th to 21st September inclusive although Iain will be contactable by mobile (usual number) in case of emergency.

And Finally

Iain, Oui and Abbie

Phuket has been very quiet over the last few months which is a real shame considering the fantastic weather and diving we have experienced. We are very grateful for all those that have visited. For the rest we hope these hard times are not too hard for you all and that the light will soon shine as the end of the tunnel approaches. Hopefully we will see you out here with us again soon.

Take care and come visit soon,

Iain, Oui, Max and Abbie xxx

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