Phuket Diving Gossip

General News

East Coast Bay, Racha Noi island

Hello from Iain, Oui, Max and Abbie in sunny Phuket. Unfortunately the global financial issues have filtered down here and everything has slowed down in Phuket due to the infamous "Credit Crunch". The good news, however, is that the diving continues to be outstanding with great visibility and warm waters. Oui's even diving in just a rash vest and shorts! Now that has to be warm!

The customers we've had have reaped the rewards. For example, Nick DeFazio and Sandra Bird, and Swedish father and son Christian and Boris Carlsson all became PADI Open Water Divers. During their courses they saw turtles, octopus and cuttlefish, and hardly any divers! When not diving, it has given us an early chance to update the Sharkey web site continually trying to improve it for you. Watch this space for more of those updates coming soon.

Next month is Thai New Year (13th April) which, as always, gets us all excited. The New Year festival, known as "Songkran", is one of the best days of the year enjoyed by persons of all ages. Although still very much a religious festival to wash away the bad luck of the previous year, for most it's a great day for families and friends to enjoy time together by dousing each other in ice cold water. Come over and join us for the fun and festivities.

Flying Underwater!

Nick and SandraWe were all very excited to meet Nick and Sandra, the latest personnel from the US Air Force 25th Fighter Squadron to visit the Sharkey team here in sunny Phuket. Also known as the "Assam Draggins" their role is to provide close air support for ground forces. Based in Osan Air Base, South Korea, coming here for a well earned break is perfect for sunshine, smiles, social fun, and some sensational diving with Sharkey Scuba.

They have followed previous Assam Draggins crew of Tate, John and Anna, Todd and Haley, Josh and Sarah, Charlie and Luke who have all accepted their latest mission to learn to dive. Ask Nick for yourself on our Sharkey Scuba Facebook Group . I am sure he will be glad to tell you what a great time both he and Sandra had and what it is like to "fly underwater".

Fish of the Month

Pufferfish at Racha Noi, Phuket

This month's fish of the month is the Pufferfish family. This family is very well known to divers and non-divers alike because of their ability to "puff up' in size when in danger. However, this should never be encouraged as it puts a tremendous amount of stress on their bodies and can even lead to their death.

The picture on the right was taken on a dive at Banana Bay, Racha Noi. We are not entirely sure what particular type of pufferfish this is so any suggestions are more than welcome. One of the great things about the larger pufferfish is that they are very easy to get close to as long as approached slowly. This in turn makes them ideal for photographic shots as can be seen here with our Open Water student, Christian, hovering effortlessly in the background!

Smile Of The Month

Anton Bolenius at Sharkey's Nursery

This month's Smile of the Month goes to Anton Bolenius. Following on from Anders Bolenius's earlier Discover Scuba Diving at Koh Racha Yai, he'd treated his 11 year old son Anton to the same underwater experience. This time their dive was from Sharkey's Nursery at Kata Beach with Oui. With the sun shining and smiles all around, Oui, Anders and Anton excitedly entered the water. Both Anders and Anton completed their skills with confidence and ease. Oui said "Their eyes never stopped smiling the whole day, above and below the water" and both showed a good control of buoyancy.

For his first time Anton was a natural. In turn, father and son were rewarded with a huge school of Forsters barracuda, a reef stone fish, lionfish, scorpion fish butterfly fish parrotfish, and much more. The highlight was a beautiful juvenile oriental sweet lips. Well done Anders and Anton. We hope to see you again soon for more diving adventures.

Motherly Love!

Abbie and Baby

There is definitely a strong maternal instinct in Abbie as can be seen from the picture to the right. Wheeling her "baby" around in her push chair is a current favourite past time. This was taken on a rare Friday lunchtime excursion to the Green Man pub where Abbie got to play on the swings whilst Pappa and Uncle Max supped a pint of Guinness. Don't tell Oui as she was out diving!

Unfortunately since then Abbie's original baby got lost but Abbie seems happy as the new one has milk/juice bottles AND two changes of clothes. The latter may well be very necessary, as, according to Abbie, "baby" does "poopie" on quite a regular basis!

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray