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Christmas dinner, Phuket 2010

As another year of diving in Phuket comes to a close the Sharkey team are once again left with fantastic memories. Over the year we have had old friends re-visit, new friends made, and once again have had the ultimate pleasure of introducing many beginner divers to the wonders of the underwater world. Diving in Phuket, Phi Phi and Similans we have seen seahorses galore, encountered blacktip reef sharks and leopard sharks swimming curiously by, experienced spiritual moments with manta rays and Iain even saw a whale shark at Shark Point (even it was only on the surface)!

The year itself ended with the usual festivities starting with a Thai Christmas dinner. This year we had the pleasure of guests Roger, Thomas and Jouko from Sweden, Jon and Max from the UK, Tukta from Thailand, and Dana, our first Romanian diver. Iain had his usual spicy green curry whilst the rest shared a multitude of dishes including fresh fish, tom yam, somtam and many others too. One or two cold Singha beers were also apparently sipped during the evening:). New Year's Eve produced the usual spectacular firework competition between the hotels in Kata and Karon beaches which we had the pleasure to view from an excellent hillside location. Happy New Year to you all and a big thanks to all those who came to visit.

Fish of the Month

Elephant at Racha Yai island, Phuket

This month's fish of the month isn't quite a fish but we just felt we had to mention it as it is indeed a rare sight to behold. It is, in fact, an elephant! No, it is not April Fool's day, the sight is real and can be found at the island of Racha Yai in Phuket!

When we mention to people in the dive briefing that we may see an elephant or two underwater there is always a mixture of bemusement or disbelief on their faces. However, in Siam Bay on the north end of Racha Yai island, there are two elephants plus various other oddities lying on the sandy bottom at a depth of around 18 metres. Each elephant is approximately 3 metres tall and usually accompanied by many fishy friends including moray eels, lionfish and often a stingray or two. Read more about them in our article "Diving With Elephants".

Smile Of The Month

Dana and Oui, Christmas Day 2010

This month's Smile of the Month award goes to Dana Stancu of Romania. Dana visited us just before Christmas to take her PADI Open Water diver course in Phuket and was like a fish to water! Her enthusiasm throughout the course was infectious with an ever present smile as can be seen by the photo to the right. For Dana Christmas Day 2010 was a very special one as, not only was it the day she gained her certification but she also got to see elephants underwater before joining the Sharkey team for a well earned Christmas dinner in the evening. Don't forget to collect your present next time you come to visit:).

Abbie's Christmas

Abbie at play

As another year ends so Abbie gets bigger and bigger. Our little baby is now turning into a lovely young girl. Although this was her 4th Christmas it was probably the first one she really appreciated and understood. From the moment the tree went up the perpetual question was asked "Can I open my presents?". Although not fully understanding why she had to wait, her patience was rewarded when she finally got to tear off the paper wrappings.

Amongst her presents was the pink keyboard to the left. With a built in mixing desk and microphone Iain and Oui got to experience the joys of a youngster creating music. Luckily we were very quickly able to locate the volume switch! Many thanks to all of you who sent or gave presents to Abbie either at Christmas or throughout the year. We hope Santa also brought you lovely gifts too and hope to see as many of you as possible next year.

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray