Phuket Diving Gossip - June 2011

General News

Oui and Dan after some dolphin spotting!

Here at Sharkey Scuba we are lucky enough to have amazing jobs with amazing diving and amazing guests but this month has to rate as one of the most amazing months for diving we have ever had. Whether it is because of less divers or general environmental conditions we are not sure but once again the big boys have turned up in the month of June. At least three different whalesharks have been spotted on numerous occasions including an estimated 9 metre long one at Koh Doc Mai. Even Oui got to see one - her first for five years!

Not only that but the month ended on an even more amazing high note. Whilst diving at Racha Noi island Oui and guest Dan Hall (see photo above) suddenly found themselves surrounded by a pod of dolphins. At least 10 of these beautiful marine animals swam past literally within a couple of metres of them both! More details in our Video of the Month section below. Of course, as usual I missed out on everything due to LASIK eye surgery which kept me out of the water for the month. That's what I would (politely) call "bad timing" for me!

Video of the Month

OK, so although not the clearest video shot in the world, as it is the first time either of us have ever seen dolphins on a dive then they get to steal the show. Dolphins can be seen fairly regularly around Phuket from the dive boats whilst journeying in between the dive sites but to see them on a dive is extremely rare. So you can imagine Oui's excitement when a large pod of dolphins swam right past her whilst she was diving on the north end of Banana Bay at Racha Noi island!

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Despite the initial shock, followed by extreme emotions Oui finally managed to get her camera at the ready and film a short clip of the dolphins. Although they were initially almost within touching distance they had unfortunately moved away by the time the clip was taken. After a minute or so with them the dolphins swam off but unbelievably Oui came across them again later on the dive. OK, time to buy that lottery ticket!

Smile Of The Month

Laura - June 2011 Smile of the Month

Laura first came to Phuket in April of this year with friend Melissa and her daughter Daisy. Although originally all from Kansas, USA they had relocated to China for a year whilst Laura was working on a project for Cessna. With the opportunity to explore Asia the three decided that now was as good a time as any to take the plunge and try some diving.

The first thing we remember from meeting them was their obvious enthusiasm to get underwater having never tried it before. After two days of training all three were certified as PADI Scuba Divers and had most certainly caught the diving bug! Two months later they all returned to Phuket to complete their full PADI Open Water certification. The photo above of Laura was taken on the last day of their course whilst diving at the island of Racha Yai. With visibility of over 20 metres and an abundance of marine life her smile says it all. Come visit again soon, Laura, and don't forget to claim your free Sharkey merchandise:).

Don't Feed The Kids!

Abbie and Lara at the ball park

One of Abbie's favourite weekend activities is to visit the "ball park" play area at one of the local shopping malls. With slides, spinning poles, ramps and steps it is the perfect place to burn of that childhood excess energy whilst Pappa gets to relax with an Ice Cappuccino.

The photo to the left was taken on a recent trip whilst Abbie's cousin Lara was visiting from Sweden. Watching these two little "monkeys" running around was tiring fun plus the Thai sign in the photo always makes me laugh at loud. I am not joking when I state that it really does translate as "Don't Feed The Kids!"

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray