Phuket Diving Gossip - July 2011

General News

Collis, Natasha, Oui, Iain, Tianna and Zach

After an amazing June with numerous whaleshark sightings and Oui's amazing dolphin encounter it was difficult to imagine that these encounters with large underwater marine mammals could continue. When one of our guests returned from a trip and told us he had seen whalesharks we were thrilled. This was quickly followed by a sense of shock as he proceeded to tell us how he had seen seven together! Despite seeing the evidence unfortunately we do not have it available to show as neither Oui or I were there, as usual!

Besides the marine life, Oui and I also get great joy from taking people diving for the first time. This month was no exception and introducing families to the underwater world is always a very rewarding experience. This month we had father and daughter, Naas and Sorice, from South Africa earning their PADI Open Water certification. We also took the Loh family from Singapore underwater. Although father Collis, mother Natasha and daughter Tianna had experienced the underwater world before this was son Zach's first time. His cries of "I did it" upon surfacing at the end of the first dive brought great big smiles to Iain and Oui's faces! Check out all the smiles in the photo above.

Video of the Month

Everyone loves turtles and seeing them underwater is always an exciting moment no matter how many times you have seen them before. This young Hawksbill turtle has been a regular visitor over the last few months to Bay One at Racha Yai island. However, he seems to have done a good job of hiding from the divers as he is normally resident around a small coral rock formation 18 metres deep on a sandy slope. Can he be blamed for wanting a bit of peace and quiet?

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Smile Of The Month

Naas and Sorice - July 2011 Smile of the Month

This month's Smile of the Month competition was another tight contest with many beautiful smiles shared with us from many wonderful people. However, the smiles of father and daughter, Naas and Sorice, were just irresistible. The photo to the right is a prime example of why we love our profession so much. Not only do we get to meet people from all over the world but also get to experience their pleasure at discovering the thing that makes us tick, the amazing underwater world!

This picture was taken on a trip to Phi Phi and Shark Point on the final day of their PADI Open Water course Phuket. Unfortunately no sharks or turtles that day but still an array of things to see including beautiful soft corals, stingrays, large pufferfish and lionfish. Their smiles became a permanent fixture not only for the rest of that day but for the rest of their holiday! Come again soon and don't forget to claim your free Sharkey merchandise:).

I'm A Lady, You See!

Abbie - a little lady

On a recent trip to Bangkok to visit our family we couldn't resist exploring Bangkok's biggest attractions, the shopping malls! Whilst I desperately wanted to visit the Electronics departments I was once again out numbered and forced to endure a torrid time of shoes, shoes and more shoes followed by dresses, dresses and even more dresses! Both the girls were in a frenzy of clothes, in particular Oui who loves to shop for Abbie more than for herself!

Unfortunately I never did get to the Electronics section although plans are in place for a quick sneak on our next visit. However, even I couldn't help a loving smile when Abbie discovered a rather beautiful "Little Bo Peep" style hat. Perfectly chosen to match her "Butterfly" dress and "Princess" flip flops Abbie really did become the perfect little lady. And she even got the pose right too!

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray