Phuket Diving Gossip - August 2012

General News

Underwater scooter fun with Calum Keen

Despite a few wet days August saw some beautiful and sometimes amazing weather. The sun was out in force and many a day was experienced with hardly a cloud in the sky. Even the sea at Kata Beach, usually ideal for surfing this time of year, was flat calm. In fact it was so good that we even went for a couple of beach dives at Sharkey's Nursery, the first time in Sharkey's history that we have done this in August. The reef life was abundant including pufferfish, lionfish and a number of stingrays.

Whilst the Olympics was taking place in London we were having our own fun and games over here including a day out with the Underwater Scooters. Guests Calum and Mike, escaping the Iraqi desert where they are usually work-based, took full advantage of being our latest "boys with toys". Despite many loop-the-loops and pirouettes, somehow we don't think they will be challenging in the snychronised swimming events anytime soon!

Video of the Month

With the good weather and calm seas came excellent visibility. At some sights, especially at Racha Noi island, the visibilty extended to 30 metres or more. The short clip below shows a beautiful school of yellow snappers swimming in the clear blue waters of Koh Bida Nok at Phi Phi.

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Smile Of The Month

Oui, Arne and U-Jean at King Cruiser wreck

It is now over 15 years since the King Cruiser ferry accidentally hit a reef and sank. Bad news for the boat owners but great news for divers as the wreck seems to blossom with corals more and more each year. Visibility is usually low but not necessarily due to the water clarity but because of the sheer number of fishes surrounding you an a dive!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Abbie and Pappa out on the prowl

April 13th every year is the day of the year when we get wetter than any other. That's quite an achievement for us dive instructors especially as it is the one day of the year when we stay land bound. However, with the arrival of the Songkran festival to celebrate Thai New Year it is impossible for anyone to stay dry unless they lock themselves away for the day!

As usual we headed off to our friends' guesthouse, Baan Suay Resort in Karon, to enjoy the festivities with guns in hand. The 100 metre walk to reach it from our office is a challenge in itself as the street is full of people more than happy to douse passersby with a nice chilled, bucket of ice cold water. WARNING: If you do happen to encounter the two persons on the right then watch out. It is time to "Be afraid, be very afraid"! Come join us for the festivities if you dare - all welcome. More info is available in our Songkran article.

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray