Phuket Diving Gossip - September 2013

General News

Underwater scooter fun with Calum Keen

It was the usual September here in Phuket, some days of glorious sunshine and some days of torrential rain! This is a month when it is really impossible to tell what the weather is going to bring. Sea conditions too are variable but once underwater everything is as per usual with beautiful corals and a multitude of marine life!

This month was a quiet month in general as many people avoid probably the wettest month of the year here in Phuket. Those that did venture here were fortunate to enjoy the usual excellent diving and there was even a manta or two spotted out at the island of Racha Noi! Unfortunately, no pictures just good memories.

Singapore Guests

Singaporean friends

Due to its close proximity to Phuket we are fortunate to get many visitors of different nationalities and backgrounds from the multi-cultural country of Singapore coming to Phuket. With flight times of approximately one hour and a large variety of airline operators, Phuket is a great destination for a long weekend away with a bit of diving thrown in for good measure. This month we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of local Singaporeans for some great diving and company.

Although it was a bit choppy at sea on the first day this didn't detract from some excellent dives, firstly to the islands of Racha Noi and Yai with a second day out to the visually stunning sites of Anemone Reef, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai. With Oui as their guide, the group were always guaranteed to benefit from her 10 years experience and got to encounter a large variety of marine life including the delicate ornate ghost pipefish and some cute tiger tail seahorses. As can be seen by the smiles in the photo above, a good time was had by all. Thank you for your visit and we look forward to the next one. (Photo L to R: Joe, Safwati, Oui, Intan, Syaiful, Halim).

Upcoming Events

Vegetarian festival, Phuket

Next month (October) sees the Phuket Vegetarian Festival taking place throughout the island. A strict diet of vegan only food is adhered to by the various participants and also involves abstaining from cigarettes, alcohol and sex amongst other things. Vegetarian food stalls can be found scattered all over the island offering some very tasty (and sometimes very spicy) morsels for everyone. However, this rather bizarre festival involves more than just eating vegan food. It also contains a number of events and processions including trances and extremely strange piercings. This year the festival takes place between 4th and 14th October with a variety of weird and wonderful events. Check out our Phuket Vegetarian Festival article for more information.

Back To School

Abbbie back at school

It's that time of year again. After a wonderful summer break it was time for Abbie to return back to the wonderful HeadStart International School in Phuket Town. On that first morning back there is always the fear as a parent of your child not wanting to get out of bed with the idea of returning to school being right up their in your child's worst nightmares! For sure that will happen in the teenage years but thankfully for now the thought of getting to see her friends, read new books and play sports all added to Abbie's excitement at returning.

So after breakfast we jumped on the moped and rode off in the lovely Phuket sunshine to start a new term. As she hopped off the bike and disappeared with a skip up the steps we realised with a small tug on the heart strings just how quickly our little girl is growing. Watch out, Year 2, here comes Abbie!

Thailand liveaboard

PADI student

Whale shark

Manta ray