"Hong By Starlight" Sea Canoe Day Trip

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay - Sea canoe

Phang Nga bay has to be one of the most stunningly visual places to visit not only in Thailand but in the world. With its huge limestone islands and formations rising from the sea the scenery is breathtaking. Many persons visiting Phuket opt to visit the infamous James bond Island, famous from the film "The Man With The Golden Gun". However, due to its popularity this particular area of Phang Nga Bay gets very over-crowded with tourists.

Our preferred option would be a sea canoe trip visiting the "Hongs" of Phang Nga Bay by sea canoe. "Hong" in Thai literally means "room" and these formations are called "Hongs" because you can enter through low caves from the outside and find yourself exiting an opening in the middle of the island to enter an open room with lush tropical foliage and a mix of local wildlife.

Explore The Hongs

Phang Nga Bay - Hong caves

Depart your hotel around midday for a quiet afternoon of nature, sea cave/Hong exploration and a superb Thai Seafood Sunset dinner. (departure times vary depending on the tides). Motoring to the Bay takes about an hour. With trip briefing, Nature Game instructions and light lunch you reach the first cave before you know it. In transit, you pass a couple of dozen day trip boats on their way back to Phuket. The Bay is almost empty when you arrive at the sea caves.

Spend an uncrowded afternoon exploring several cave/hong systems. Learn what made these unique sites, the wildlife within them, and the Eco-system bringing it all together. In the late afternoon, experience the tranquility of real Nature, and enjoy the "Time Machine" ambiance that made the hongs famous in the first place. We are slaves to the tides, but you usually get at least four different caves and hongs, swimming time and a free paddle before Sunset.

Dinner and Krathongs

Thai krathong

Next we motor to our special viewing spot for the famous Thai Seafood buffet dinner during a spectacular Phang Nga Bay Sunset. After dinner, you make your own Kratong, a decorative floating object traditionally made from various parts of the banana plant, with assistance from the all-Thai staff. Once daylight totally disappears,we return to a Hong you visited earlier in the afternoon to launch your Kratong.

No torches and no talking - three natural light sources and one special feeling create a memorable lifetime moment. You will want to stay forever! For dessert, retreat to the moon deck where you and your guide compare Thai and Western constellations and their legends until you arrive at the dock.


All times are approximate and subject to tide times.

12:30-13:00 Hotel Pick-up
13:30 Arrive Ao Po departure pier and board the modern twin-engine escort boat
Thai-style light lunch, trip and Nature Game briefing.
14:30 Arrive first island and explore 1-2 caves and hongs
15:30 Return to the escort boat and move to the second island
16:00 Explore two more caves and hongs
18:00 Self-paddle, swimming and make your own Kratong while waiting for the sunset.
Thai buffet dinner during Phang Nga Bay Sunset.
19:00 Return to a previously visited Hong after dark and launch your own Kratong
20:00 Depart for Ao Po. Thai buffet dinner.
Play Star Games on the Starlight deck.
21:00 Arrive Ao Po and transfer to your mini-van.



Phang Nga Bay route map


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