Anemone Reef Phuket

Scuba Dykning Phuket

Anemone Reef

Located approximately 26 km from Phuket, Anemone Reef is a single underwater limestone formation reaching up to 3 metres below the surface. As this is quite a narrow formation dives are generally spent circling the pinnacle from the bottom up. The pinnacle itself is shaped similar to a cone with the deepest parts reaching to depths of approximately 26 metres. Surrounding the pinnacle is sand with some small coral covered rocks scattered around.

Marine Life

Similar to Shark Point this dive site is also a visually stunning sight. As soon as you drop down underwater the first thing you notice is the abundance of anemones with their blue/green coats adorning the top of the reef (hence the name "Anemone Reef"). Mixed in with these are fantastically coloured soft corals in hues of red, purple, white and yellow. Deeper down are large gorgonian sea fans and various types of sponges the most distinctive of which are the barrel sponges.

For marine life this site is always full of action and surprises. All around the top of the pinnacle are glass fish and often large schools of juvenile barracuda. As you drop deeper there are often schools of yellow snapper so large in size that you become engulfed and momentarily disorientated as the reef disappears in a mass of yellow. Leopard sharks and stingrays can be found down on the sand, barracuda and trevally out in the blue, and shrimps, pipefish, seahorses and frog fish lie hidden in cracks and crevices on the reef itself. Continuously keep one eye looking away from the reef as the occasional eagle ray has been seen passing by and even a whale shark can sometimes be spotted out in the depths!