Shark Point Phuket

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Shark Point

Located approximately 26 km from Phuket, Shark Point consists of a series of limestone pinnacles running in a north-south direction, only one of which breaks the surface. Dives are generally spent around pinnacles one and two. On the east side of each, the reefs slope gently down to a sandy bottom to depths of 20 metres or less. The west sides are much steeper dropping to maximum depths of 22 metres. All around the pinnacles is sand with various coral covered rocks scattered around, some of which are quite large.

Marine Life

The best way to describe this site is "breathtaking". As you first descend down you see all sorts of colours: reds, greens, violets, blues, yellows, oranges.... These are from the various soft corals, sea anemones, sponges and sea fans that cover the limestone rocks. Combined with the sunlight sparkling off the large schools of small multi-coloured fish near the surface, this is one of the most amazing sites you are ever likely to see. As you drop deeper the fans increase in size with enormous Gorgonian fans reaching sizes of 2 metres or more. Large barrel sponges lean on the sides of the various rocks.

Whether you are looking into the blue or have your head stuck in the rocks you can't help but to see something special. For the macro lovers you have the possibility of sea horses, ornate ghost pipefish, cleaner pipefish, various species of shrimp and nudibranchs all hiding away in small crevices. For the rest there are schools of barracuda, tuna, trevally, snappers, and maybe even a shark! Two species are sometimes spotted in and around this dive site. Leopard sharks, which can grow to sizes of thmoree metres or more, can sometimes be found resting on the sand close to the edge of the reef. The smaller grey bamboo sharks can also occasionally be seen hidden away in small cracks in the rocks. If you don't like this dive site then give up diving!