Koh Bon and Tachai Islands, Thailand - Dive Sites Descriptions

To the north of Koh Similan islands are two further islands, namely Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. These islands each have spectacular dive sites to rival anything in the Similans. Consider also the fact that these are definitely the two most likely places to encounter manta rays and possibly even a whale shark, it all adds up to each being a "must visit" destination. In fact, Koh Bon itself can evenbe visited by day trip from Phuket!

Koh Bon

Manta Ray, Koh Bon

North of the Koh Similan Islands, Koh Bon island has a number of dive sites ranging from coral gardens to boulders to the challenging but spectacular Koh Bon pinnacle. With depths of 40 metres plus you can make dives here as deep or as shallow as you wish but can guarantee it will be full of surprises. Bearded scorpion fish and frog fish can be found in the bay areas as can octopus, cuttlefish, turtles and both blacktip and whitetip reef sharks. Out in the blue are tuna and trevally, barracuda and jacks.

Keep your eyes open because somewhere out there could be a manta ray, the most graceful underwater creature you can see. With wing-spans sometimes in excess of five metres they are a spectacular thing to behold! Koh Bon is famous for these and they can be in the bays or in the blue so you really need eyes in the back of your head. Let their curiosity work to your advantage. Stay still and don't be surprised if they circle around time and time again. Currents are variable depending which part of the island you dive at and at what time.

Koh Tachai

Banded sea snake

Located even further north of the Similans than Koh Bon, Koh Tachai island offers excellent but sometimes challenging diving. The main area to dive is a site called "The Dome" that consists of a large rock plateau starting at depths of about 13 metres and dropping down as deep as 35 metres. There are a fantastic collection of hard corals, soft corals and sea fans forming some spectacular underwater scenery. The reef itself is also covered in a multitude of snappers, fusiliers, triggerfish, batfish and other reef fish giving a profusion of colour.

On the edges where the reef meets the sand leopard sharks can be seen resting in the day time. Many open ocean visitors also pass through these waters. This area is one of the most well known places in Thailand for manta rays and even the occasional whale shark so keep a close lookout. Watch out for the currents. Although sometimes mild they can also be very, very strong.

Koh Similan Trips

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Whale shark

Manta ray

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