Dive sites descriptions of Koh Similan Islands, Thailand

Consisting of nine islands the Similan islands has a multitude of dive sites offering a fantastic variety of marine life from large sharks to miniscule nudibranchs. Below are descriptions of some of our favourite Similan sites.

Beacon Reef (Island #8)

Green turtle, Similan islands

Beacon Reef is a reef consisting almost entirely of a large variety of hard corals. The reef itself slopes very gently to a depth of about 6 metres where the reef suddenly slopes and drops down to a sandy bottom reaching depths of 30 metres. Currents range from mild to medium. A large variety of reef fish are present including a number of giant moray eels. Look out for the Atlantis 2000, the wreck of a diving boat that got a little bit too close to the island a few years back. Look into the blue for tuna, jacks and possibly even a passing eagle ray.

Christmas Point (Island #9)

Christmas Point consists of a large series of boulders spread over a wide area to depths of 30 metres. If you like swim-throughs then this is a must. Negotiate your way in between the boulders and arches and enjoy the wonderful variety of soft corals and sea fans as you go. A good chance to see a white tip reef shark or leopard sharks plus possibly even turtles. Watch out for the currents. Ranging from mild to strong they can change at any moment!

East of Eden (Island #7)

Coral bombie with glass fish, Similan islands

East of Eden is a wonderful, sloping coral reef dropping to a sandy bottom at depths of about 30 metres. This is probably the most spectacular site you will see in the Similan islands with a superb combination of hard corals, soft corals and stunning sea fans. The fish life is fantastic with trevally coasting along the reef and swooping in for their prey, large schools of snapper, giant moray eels, stingrays in the sand, frog fish lying camouflaged on coral formations, turtles in the shallows and much, much more. Currents range from mild to medium but they just add to a great drift dive.

Elephant Head (Island #8)

Elephant Head consists of a series of large boulders of which a few actually break the surface, one of which is said to resemble the head of an elephant (hence the name). A great dive site with wonderful soft corals and fans plus a number of swim-throughs. It's deep too, reaching depths of 40 metres or more. Currents range from mild to strong and often change direction as they rebound off the rocks. There is the possibility of sharks and turtles as well as large schools of snapper and other common reef fish. Keep looking around as both manta rays and whale sharks have been known to frequent this area.

Shark Fin Reef (Island #3)

Soft corals, Similan islands

Shark Fin reef consists of a large series of boulders running in a north-south direction. Descending to depths of 30 metres to a sandy bottom the boulder ridge sometimes drops straight down, in other places leveling off shallower to form small plateaus. A great site for drift dives with currents ranging from mild to strong. Just let yourself go with the flow and expect to see all the common reef fish including a multitude of banner fish plus the rare and beautiful clown triggerfish. Other highlights include Napoleon wrasse, leopard sharks and even the occasional manta ray.

Similan Liveaboard Trips

If you are interested in paying a visit to the wonderful islands of the Similans then there are many options available. Any length trip is possible from a day trip upwards. The most recommended way to dive there is from one of the liveaboard boats visiting the islands.

Visit our Similan Islands Liveaboards page for details of our top recommended liveaboard boats. For each recommendation you can also find latest schedules and prices plus full information on the boats themselves. Alternatively for information on diving day trips and liveaboards to Koh Similan islands please fill in our Information Request Form.

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