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Scuba diving around Phuket and beyond has so much to offer. The scenery is such a wonderful mix, from beach diving with small critters in the sand to large pelagics (i.e. sharks and rays) at deep underwater pinnacles. The variety of marine life is exceptional. This is due to having two separate eco-sysytems in our area.

The two eco-systems consist of the north Andaman sea eco-system and the south Andaman sea eco-system. The north one extends from the Similans islands up to the Surin islands of Thailand and beyond into Myanmar. The south ecosystem stretches from Phuket, through Phi Phi islands and all the way down to the border with Malaysia. Although most of the species from each system overlap, there are unique animals in each meaning there are things you may see in one that you are very unlikely to see in the other.

If you are interested to know more facts about the marine life you can see from Phuket then check out our articles below. More will be coming soon so keep checking back. All articles have been written by Sharkey Scuba staff (except the dolphin article), diving in Phuket since 2002.

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