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Scuba Diving Courses Phuket

Advanced Diver Courses Phuket/Similans

If you are already a certified PADI Open Water diver then the next step is to complete either your PADI Adventure diver or Advanced Open Water diver certification. Gain extra knowledge, confidence and diving experience plus increase the depth you can dive to 30 metres. This will let you to visit dive sites otherwise inaccessible and also increase your insurance coverage.

Before each dive read the appropriate chapter in the "Adventures in Diving" manual, complete the knowledge review and discuss it with your own personal instructor. Next, go for the dives and complete certain tasks depending on the adventure dive you are doing. Details of each diving option are on our Adventure Dive Options page. Please note that for both the Advanced and Advanced Deluxe courses both the Deep and Underwater Navigation dives are compulsory.

**Book with highly experienced instructors who can provide you with the knowledge to take your diving to the next level.**

PADI Adventure Diver Course Phuket

PADI Adventure Diver

Become a PADI Adventure diver in one day whilst diving around the beautiful dive sites of Phuket. Choose between local beach dives or a full day out on a large, modern boat.

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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Phuket

PADI Advanced Diver

Become a PADI Advanced Open Water diver over two days whilst diving around the beautiful dive sites of Phuket. Choose between a combination of beach/boat dives or two full days out on a large modern, boat.

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Advanced Open Water Diver course Similans Islands

Advanced Course Similans

Become an Advanced Open Water diver whilst on a fabulous overnight trip to the Similans Islands with our Advanced Deluxe course. With seven dives in total (five course dives and two just for fun) you get to visit a number of dive sites around the Similan Islands national park. Night dive included.

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