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Private Guiding Service Phuket

Although for safety and enjoyment dive group sizes are generally limited to four divers per guide, there is nothing like having your own private guide to look after just you/your friends and family. Be selfish plus increase your safety, quality and fun!

All our private guides are:

  • Highly experienced in diving in Phuket, Phi Phi and the Similans Islands area.
  • Professionally trained to Divemaster/Instructor level.
  • Excellent customer service skills - it's your day and your dives.
  • Fully trained in CPR, oxygen use, first aid and general in-water rescue.
  • Legally living and working as professional scuba divers in Thailand.


Increased Safety

  • Above Water - Easier communication when less people.
  • Underwater - Less people makes it easier to keep track of everyone and spot any potential problems before they occur.

Personalised Dives

  • Dive for yourself - no need to consider the needs of strangers.
  • Good on air? Make sure you get the full dive time.
  • Choose the type of dive that you would like: deep, shallow, etc.
  • Great for those who need time to equalise - no pressure to descend quickly.
  • For photographers - take as long as you wish to get that perfect snap!

Perfect for Novices

  • Take things slowly. No pressure, no rush, less stress.
  • Chat with your guide to refresh your diving knowledge.
  • Plenty of time to practice basic dive skills e.g. buoyancy control.

Family Fun

  • Get a guide (Oui or Iain) that you know you can trust with your kids, not some random stranger.
  • Have a guide with experience of looking after junior divers.
  • Less stress for your youngsters.

Phi Phi and Phuket Dive Trips

No. of DiversPrice Per Trip
One1,000 baht
Two500 baht
Three or moreFree of Charge

Similans Day Trip

No. of DiversPrice Per Trip
OneNot Available
Two2,000 baht
Three or moreFree of Charge

Similans Liveaboard

No. of DiversPrice Per Day
OneNot Available
Two1,500 baht
Three or moreFree of Charge