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Private Dive Instructor Phuket

Generally when taking diving courses students find that they are in a group situation with potentially up to eight students, often strangers, with a single instructor. At Sharkey Scuba we decided when we first started that we couldn't offer a high enough quality of tuition under these conditions. That is why we decided to offer all students their own private instructor to look after just you and your friend(s)/family.

If there are more than four persons together in your group then we will add an additional instructor to help out. Often we add another assistant even of less than four students. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first company in Phuket to offer all courses with private instruction only.


Private instruction has significant advantages over learning in a group situation whether learning to dive for the first time or increasing your diving experience. This can be summarized as follows: safety, quality, fun! Read on to learn of the benefits.


Many scuba diving courses allow up to eight students per instructor. For a single instructor to keep a close eye on that number of students at the same time is an impossible task. With private instruction you have an instructor close by your side at all times focusing just on you, and therefore ready to help prevent any potential problems from occurring.


When learning in a group situation you will spend much of your time watching your fellow students completing skills when what you really want to be doing is practicing the skills yourself. In a private instruction situation you can complete the core skills at your own pace and still have plenty of time left to keep practicing and improving on what you have learnt. Also, as they only have you to focus on, your instructor is able to spend time fine-tuning your skills rather than just ensuring you can do the basics.


We dive for one main reason - to have fun! In group situations you may find that you don't actually get to dive much at all as most of your time is spent watching your fellow students completing skills. You may also feel under pressure to rush through skills that you need more time to master causing discomfort and stress. With private instruction it is all about you. Complete the necessary skills at your own pace not at the pace of the group, and then go dive. This enables you to feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout the course and also gives you more time on your dives to explore the fascinating underwater world which is probably why you decided to dive in the first place!