Drift Diver Specialty Course

Scuba Diving Courses Phuket

PADI Drift Diver Specialty Course Phuket

Course Duration One day
Availability Every day
Minimum Age 10 years old
Certification Level Needed Open Water Diver
Instruction Private

Course Outline

Ever felt like a salmon battling upstream against the current? Wanted to just lie back and relax and head downstream? Now is your chance to learn and practice techniques for diving in currents and drifting along. Plan your entry and exit points, practice descents and ascents whilst drifting along and also how to use surface floats. Go on, jump in and go with the flow!

Steps Action
One Before the course, read the Drift Diver specialty manual and complete some questionnaires.
Two Discuss the questionnaires with your dive instructor and practice any skills above water that you may need for the dives.
Three Complete two or three dives using the new skills you have learnt. Explore the local reefs with your instructor and have your breath taken away by the amazing beauty of our local reefs!

Private Instruction

To enable us to give you the safest and best diving experience, we only offer private tuition for all our diving courses in Phuket. Read about how this benefits you here.

Online Booking Discounts

Online booking discounts of between 5% and 20% are available on all course prices depending on the number of students. Terms and conditions apply.

Divers + Snorkellers

Certified divers and snorkellers are welcome to join on the trips too. Certified divers can receive a 10% discount off the standard trip price if diving with the student(s). Full trip price list here.

Program Package Choices

Gold Platinum
2 Dives 3 Dives
Racha Yai Boat Dives
Private Instructor
Private Instructor
PADI Drift Diver Manual
PADI Drift Diver Manual
  Certification Costs
Certification Costs
  Dive Insurance
Dive Insurance
  Scuba Equipment
Scuba Equipment
Destination Racha Yai Choice of 3 trips^
  Hotel Transfers*
Hotel Transfers*
  Breakfast + Lunch
Breakfast + Lunch
  Tea + Coffee + Water
Tea + Coffee + Water
  Phi Phi Park Fees
Phi Phi Park Fees

^Choice of King Cruiser wreck trip, Phi Phi Islands OR Racha Noi/Yai Islands.

*Free transfers to/from hotels are from the following towns: Chalong, Kamala, Kata, Karon, Patong, Rawai. Transfers are also available from other areas around Phuket for a small surcharge. Prices are available on request. Complimentary transfers are not included for Gold package.

Course Prices

Gold Platinum
2 Boat Dives 3 Boat Dives
Was 7,900 baht
Was 8,800 baht

**Special Online Prices Below**

One Student
One Student 7,110 baht each 7,920 baht each
  Two Students
Two Students 6,715 baht each 7,480 baht each
  Three+ Students
Three+ Students 6,320 baht each 7,040 baht each

Scuba Equipment Rental

Please note that equipment rental is NOT included in the price for our PADI specialty courses in Phuket. The items below are available for rent (must be pre-ordered). Dive computers are compulsory for all of our dive courses.

Item Price
Full Equipment Set (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Fins, Mask) 500 baht per trip
Full Equipment Set + dive computer 650 baht per trip
HD Action CAM 800 baht per trip
Digital Underwater Camera 1,000 baht per trip
Nitrox (approx. 32%) 200 baht per tank
15 litre tank On request

Individual scuba items such as BCD are also available for rent. Price on request.

Phi Phi Park Fees

To help with the costs of reef protection and regeneration schemes, the Thai government has introduced a national park entry fee for all visitors to Phi Phi islands of 600 baht per diver per day and 400 baht per non-diver per day. This fee is in addition to the price of any diving course or trip visiting Phi Phi islands. The fee will be payable in cash (Thai Baht) direct to the boat tour leader on the day of the trip.

Dive Sites

Kata Beach Phuket
Kata Beach

A cute, little reef with a variety of hard corals and lots of colourful fishes.

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King Cruiser wreck, Phuket
King Cruiser Wreck

An amazing 80 metre long wreck surrounded by large schools of fishes!

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Diving Phi Phi
Phi Phi Islands

Colourful soft corals and sea fans plus a chance of a shark or turtle.

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Racha Noi and Yai Islands, Phuket
Racha Noi + Yai Islands

Generally clear water, wonderful marine life - with dives in sheltered bays.

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