Pre-requisites and Preparation Tips for your IDC/IE


So you are about to embark on a career as an instructor but first there is the Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Instructor Examination (IE) to consider and complete. How can you ensure success in both? The simple answer: proper preparation.

This guide aims to help you get that preparation right by:

  1. Ensuring you meet the required pre-requisites.
  2. Informing you of what materials are required and what fees are expected so that you can budget appropriately.
  3. Advising on steps to take to ensure your dive theory knowledge is in good shape before you start your IDC.
  4. General preparation tips.

IDC/IE prerequisites

The first question to consider before signing up for your IDC is whether you meet the pre-requisites required to enter the IDC and IE. Entry pre-requisites are as follows:

  1. Be certified as a PADI Assistant Instructor or PADI Divemaster OR a current instructor/dive leader member with another recreational diver training organisation (contact us for a complete list of qualifying organisations)
  2. Be at least 18 years of age
  3. Submit medical clearance for diving signed by a physician within the last 12 months (PADI medical statement recommended).
  4. Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and logged at least 60 dives (IDC requirement).
  5. Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and logged at least 100 dives (IE requirement - see Special IE Option sub-section below).
  6. Submit proof or CPF training within past 24 months.

Special IE Option

If you take your IDC with a PADI Career Development Centre (CDC) then there is a special IE entry option available to you that enables you to participate in the IE prior to having 100 logged dives. This option is available if you take your IDC/IE through Sharkey Scuba. To take this option you must have:

Certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) will take place when the 100 dives requirement has been met.

Emergency First Responder Instructor Course

As from January 2009 it became compulsory to take the Emergency First Responder instructor course when taking the standard PADI instructor course. Do not forget to include this additional part in your overall budget!

PADI Fees and Required Materials

During your IDC and IE you will be required to pay appropriate registration fees to PADI depending on exactly which courses you participate in. Check out the table below for further details. All prices are in Autralian Dollars (AUD).

Fee Description Price (2009)
IDC Application Fee AUD 179
IE (Instructor Examination) Fee AUD 695
EFRI Processing Fee (includes Care for Children certification fee) AUD 114
Specialty Instructor Processing Fee AUD  67

You will also need a variety of educational materials and teaching aids during your IDC. Contact us for full details.

A variety of other course materials are also needed in order to complete the knowledge reviews in the Instructor Candidate Workbook. These include the Business of Diving, Law and the Diving Professional, and Best of the Undersea Journal. If you book your IDC/IE through Sharkey Scuba then these additional course materials will be provided for your use throughout your IDC/IE free of charge.

Don't forget to include your IDC course costs in your budget. For details of IDC course costs, and what is included within those costs, contact us at

Dive Theory

Dive theory is the area where most people attending an IDC have their weakness. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you refresh your dive theory prior to attending the IDC. The dive theory subjects are identical to those from your divemaster course:

In order to prepare for your IDC use the same study aids as for your divemaster course i.e. the PADI Knowledge Workbook, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and your PADI course manuals (Open Water to Divemaster). As of January 2006 under new PADI requirements you are expected to have your own personal set of all these study materials. Please refer to the PADI Fees and Required Materials section for details of all materials you will need to have during your IDC.

General Preparation Steps

In order to ensure that you are fully prepared and have all the right documentation for your IDC follow the recommendations and advice listed below:

  1. Logbook with verification of the required number of dives (60 for IDC, 100 for IE),
  2. All certification cards
  3. Medical clearance for diving within the last year signed by a physician


Preparation is the key to success. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you successfully complete your IDC and IE.


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