Sharkey Scuba Phuket Newsletter 2009, no. 1

Latest Gossip!

Over the past year we have continued to try to keep you all updated with the latest Phuket gossip via our monthly gossip column. Unfortunately we got rather behind towards the middle of last year but are currently endeavouring to fill in the gaps. Check out December and January's pages for what's new with the Sharkey team.


Abbie and Max birthday fun

One of the items covered in January's gossip column are the recent birthday's of Max and Abbie. We will never forget the day Abbie was born as I am sure Max will never forget it too. Awaking on his birthday on 19th January 2007 and in buoyant mood he was surprised by us phoning to ask him to accompany us to the hospital. That same day Abbie literally popped out whilst Max had to keep the Sharkey show running. Two years on it was great to sit back and and celebrate both birthdays in a nice relaxed way!

BSAC Resort

Many British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) divers often find their certification levels misunderstood when trying to arrange dive holidays as most resorts worldwide are now PADI. In order to show our understanding of the BSAC dive system and in the hope of extending our customer base we are glad to say that we have applied for and been accepted as a BSAC resort in Phuket. Of course we also continue to retain our PADI dive centre status too and all courses will continue to be taught under the PADI system although in the future we may well offer BSAC teaching too.

Office Modifications

We have continued to improve our office area to ensure the comfort of visiting customers and especially for those after dive social evenings. We have now tiled the ground level entry area and extended the upper front balcony. This has provided a more comfortable and covered outside area for socialising and dining with visitors. We have also modified the inside office area to give a more cosy feel whilst relaxing after dives and also to allow for better viewing of "after dinner" dive photo slide shows.

Rich and Ally

Many of you followed the story of Rich and Ally initially with interest and then later amazement as all the false allegations were made against them. We know from talking with the couple that all the e-mails of support from our friends and customers really helped them through their ordeal. As many of you will be aware they were completely vindicated of any blame soon after the event (The Australian, July 2008) and the boat company owners, Ozsail, are currently being prosecuted for breaches under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 (Courier Mail, Jan 2009). As for Rich and Ally, they are both now living together in Sacramento and using any spare time from running Ally's successful business for multiple diving holidays. Mantas, sharks, dolphins, seals... ok, we are not the least bit jealous! Hopefully they will come to visit us in Phuket in August 2009. Meantime, love and best wishes to them both:).

Air Asia

For those flying from the UK you may be interested to note that Air Asia are now offering flights from London Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). It is then a short hop up to Phuket. Prices are often a lot lower than the major international airlines and of course it is a "no thrills" airline but just think of all the extra diving you can have with the saved money!


Don't forgot the infamous Songkran festival in April. The major celebrations are the evening of 12th with fireworks and Chinese crackers in abundance around the island. The 13th day time is when the fun really begins with the usual country-wide water fights. Join us at Baan Suay guesthouse in Karon to see the Sharkey team letting loose!

Turtle Watch

In association with the Phuket Marine Biology conservation area we are now actively participating in a "whales and dolphins" spotting program. The idea behind the project is for divers on local or Similans dive trips to keep a record of any sightings made preferably with digital photos too. Just ask us for a form when you arrive and we will gladly provide together with info on how to tell the differences between different members of each species. All help appreciated!

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